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Franklin D Roosevelt State Park Tortise © Christopher May
On Pine Mountain trail
Georgia's Parks
53 State Parks • 1 State Forest • 1 State Memorial
15 State Historic Sites • 1 State Nature Preserve • 1 State Wildlife Management Area
1 State Wildlife Refuge • 2 National Forests • 1 National Historic Site
9 National Wildlife Refuges • 1 National Recreation Area • 1 National Seashore

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Georgia Parks Visitor Reviews
10/12/2019 5:53:27 PM Chattahoochee National Forest
Need better signs and info for falls - You tout your many falls but getting to them is very difficult. Finding them is as well. Difficulty of navigation. A fee for every each one is ridiculous. but it the place is still beautiful
10/2/2018 2:29:05 PM Watson Mill State Park by Happy Couple
Couples Horse Riding without Kids - We took both our horses to enjoy a beautiful sunny day without kids and enjoy the peace and quite and just to enjoy being with each other, wonderful trails, cleared of trees, alot more sandy trails instead of huge rocks, saw plenty of deers who were not afraid of us, squirrels and a few hawks, wished for a few streams to cross but we enjoyed the trails, we did close to all of them with the exception of the orange, very well marked and the maped help us to find our way,
north picnic area - dredging the channel for big ships washed mud onto beach closing picnic area in early eighties and creating the mess you call driftwood beach! this is not good managment and 6.00 to come on island is crazy. use to be .25 when draw bride was there!
5/29/2018 1:42:30 PM Indian Springs State Park by Happy Camper
My Favorite State Park! - I have visited this park since 1995, and it remains my favorite state park in Georgia. It is a fun family get-a-way, not too far outside of Atlanta, and provides visitors with a variety of activities such as swimming, mini golf, boating, fishing, picnicking, hiking, camping ... just to name a few. It is close to Dauset Trails, which is also a great place to commune with nature. Highly recommend this park! Easily accessible and fun for all ages!
10/28/2017 5:28:09 PM Indian Springs State Park by HD
Rip off - My granddaughter had her wedding there on Oct 27,2017. Yes, the area is beautiful. We were charged almost $900.00 to the area of the wedding. We had to put up and take down all chairs and tables. Then full clean up. On top of that the park charged $5.00 per car coming to the wedding. After that very high amount,us having to do everythin, the parking fee should have been included . There were approximate 70 people at the wedding from Georgia and Florida...that is 70 people that will never be back to this park
9/24/2017 11:47:22 AM Oconee National Forest by Susan Hansen
- Why are they logging/clear cutting our beautiful forests? We were driving near the Smith Mill area of the Forest and it looks like a bomb went of on acres and acres where big pines and hardwoods used to be. This is very sad.
8/22/2017 1:10:04 PM Cloudland Canyon State Park by Eric
Execllent State Park - The highlight of the park is the Canyon. The West Rim Loop Trail has stunning views from the edge of the canyon that leave you in awe of the scenery. This moderate 5 mile long trail offers a different photo opportunity around each turn. I would also recommend a walk down (and remember 300 feet of elevation gain back up) the Waterfalls trail to see Hemlock Falls and Cherokee Falls. For the non hikers, there is also a paved easy trail (Meadowlands Trail) with another stunning view. The camp sites are set in a wooded setting and not too close together. I really need to come back when the colors turn in October.
8/4/2017 2:01:03 PM Baldwin State Forest
Why no horseback riding? - Why no horseback riding. It was the best public place in Baldwin County for that?
8/4/2017 6:10:02 AM Whitewater State Park by Laura
Great Peaceful Weekend - My husband and I stayed in one of the cabins. Very clean and rustic. The campground host Leanne and Darin were so nice and helpful. They suggested several eating establishments and routes that we should take. Planning on returning soon.
7/10/2017 2:08:19 AM Bobby Brown State Park by Mark Duggar
Thank You - I would like to Thank the Staff and campers at Bobby Brown state park for the Assistance and Care I and my family received on July 7 2017 when I cut my leg and had to be rushed to the hospital. The staff and campers cared for me until the ambulance arrived and took good care of my family while a storm went by. My family and I would like to say. Thank You. Mark Duggar and Family.
5/18/2017 6:09:30 AM Stone Mountain State Memorial Park by Bernard Eife
history is worth keeping - I was sadden over not seeing the flag of the Confederacy in the museum next to the flag of the North.I became a history lover when I found out my great great grandfather fought for the north and was capture and spent two years in Andersonville This flag was flown over our country and many people died for what the believed in. Many of us forget that the father of our country were consider traitors because we were British and were under there flag. Give the South there due and keep History alive by giving those who fought for what they Believed in, Right or wrong we should not rewrite history . Please installed the confederate Flag back
3/16/2017 1:17:43 PM Nancy Hart State Park by Dawn Butler
Quiet and Peaceful - My friend and I visited this park on March 15, 2017. It is very clean and the cabin is in great shape. A great piece of history. Many thanks to The DAR and the park service.
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