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Priest Lake State Park Lionhead Unit © Gary OToole
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21 State Parks • 1 State Forest • 2 State Fish Hatcherys
2 State Fish Hatcherys • 10 National Forests • 2 National Historic Parks
6 National Wildlife Refuges • 1 National Recreation Area • 2 Metro and City Parkss

Idaho Parks Visitor Reviews
11/4/2017 8:47:43 AM Horsethief Reservoir State Park by Rick Just
Not a state park - Although there is currently a proposal to make it one, Horsethief is not a state park.
6/29/2017 2:28:06 PM Three Island State Park
- Starting with the first day in, the womens shower had ants in there from under door, I told the maintance guy mowing the lawn about it, he told me that I was in the woods in a state park so needed to expect this, maybe so, but for 3 days they stayed there, until I told ranger Jamie (wonderful person always helpful), then the ants were sprayed and gone. Trees blew down, because of so many rotten and dead one, came down uprooted because of the storms, scarey when woken up at 6 A.M with branches falling down into your driveway, ever so grateful did not land on anyone or campers. A big branch near hit my friend that was walking in our camp.. Thinking maybe the trees should be cleared out when dead and dangerous, there is a lot of them. 1 person at the gate was very rude to people checking in. Sorry I did not get her name. but she was older.. I stayed 4 nights and days.. Nice park but very rude personel.And seems the park needs better care from maintance workers.. It is not just about mowing the grass, then you have free fun the rest of the day..Ver disappointed in what appears to be a beautiful park..
6/10/2016 8:27:28 AM Henrys Lake State Park by Pablodelux
A great state park - The state park was wonderful and close to West Yellowstone. Fishing has really really gone downhill since ice fishing was introduced and stocking was decreased.
Favorite Lewis and Clark location - In May we happened upon this park traveling the Lewis and Clark route from Lolo, Montana to Lewiston, Idaho. Here we felt closer to the voyagers than at any other place on our trip. We walked to the river and imagined them there working on the canoes despite being sick.
8/26/2015 11:50:35 PM Balanced Rock Park by Jim Cooper
Rich with family history - Among a collection of family photos was a photo of my Dad when he was a toddler and Grandparents at Balanced Rock ca 1910. They ranched south of Filer. In 2004, I visited the park and camped in the County Park. Beautiful!
7/17/2015 5:46:21 PM Horsethief Reservoir State Park by MytMouse
First Time - We chose to camp here because we heard the fish were biting. Not exactly true. We did not find the public water pump, or the huge dock featured in some of the pics on this site. However, we had a great time despite those little things
1/24/2015 9:40:13 PM Farragut State Park by The Clarks
Great place to stay/camp while visiting - All that nice green forest. Water activities too.
Trapping is allowed - Idaho allows trapping. 2 dogs have been killed in traps at English Point. Traps can be 5 feet from the center of the trail. Be aware.
10/9/2014 10:48:14 AM Chipmunk Rapids National Recreation Trail by Chief Instructor
October 8 - bug free - marsh - dry trail - Quite - scenic - serene. Moose, elk, cat - coyote tracks meander along trail with St. Johns wort, strawberry, pearly everlasting, huckleberry. Trail was dry not muddy showcasing both marsh to high pine wilderness. Rose hips were tasty, parking safe - great for lunch. Eric Ericksen - Chief Instructor - Youtube GRCIVDEF
4/22/2014 9:56:34 PM Farragut State Park by Slider
Still Going Strong - My mother, who is 92 years old, was stationed at Farragut Navel Training Station, and lives today in Post Falls, Idaho.
4/1/2014 11:13:54 AM Three Island State Park
Nice park! - We enjoyed our stay however not the beds, wish we had known to bring twin and queen sheets to cover the tarplike mattresses. Also wish we knew the new bathrooms need to have the water run five minutes before they get hot. Other than that, very cute cabins, very nice stay.
3/6/2014 12:30:52 PM Horsethief Reservoir State Park by denise from utah
great camping and fishing -
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