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22 State Parks • 2 State Wildlife Areas • 8 State Wildlife Management Areas
6 National Forests • 9 National Wildlife Refuges • 1 National Seashore

Mississippi Parks Visitor Reviews
12/2/2019 5:36:50 AM Nanih Waya State Park
Apparently abandoned, in dire disrepair - While the mound itself is easily accessible, it is showing signs of erosion and the associated park amenities are in shameful disrepair, collapsed and unusable. The formerly well built State Park that was deeded to the MS Band of Choctaw Indians in 2008, is in a different, distant area where the cave is located, but is closed and inaccessible for use by the public. It is a shame that the Choctaw people no longer seem to respect or care for their purported heritage.
7/28/2019 9:32:02 PM Cossar State Park by Parkers
A few days to relax - Family was on our way back to Arkansas from Gulf Shores. We had about a 13 hour drive and decided we needed to find a spot mid way for a couple of days to park our trailer and just chill. We chose Cossar Park. It was situated among a deep forest of beautiful old trees, near a beautiful lake. Deer were wandering around everywhere. We just went for walks with the dogs and even took in a game of putt putt golf with our daughter. The park was not new and extravagant, but all I can say is, I wish it was 7 hours closer to us and we would be back.
12/5/2018 2:24:30 PM Chickasawhay State Wildlife Management Area by lobo1956
a place that holds special memories - in 1984 there hunting with my father and cousin,i took my first buck. warden aged him at 9 1/2 yrs with field dressed weight of 175lbs.a vivid memory I will always cherish
6/25/2018 9:34:16 AM Clarkco State Park by Brigette from Wiggins
Very nice park - we spent a week here in a motor home, the park is beautiful & peaceful, manager & staff are very nice & do a great job taking care of the park. We will be back.
5/17/2018 4:50:35 AM DeSoto National Forest
Concerning Alcohol - I thought I would clear up the question of alcohol in DeSoto National Forest. First you must understand that the National Forest is regulated by the US Forest Service and there are no prohibitions on alcohol. National parks WITHIN the forest, on the other hand, are regulated by the National Park Service and in the parks alcohol is prohibited. So, while there are no alcohol prohibitions in DeSoto National Forest, if you are visiting one of the public parks maintained by the National Park Service you must adhere to their prohibition.
1/21/2018 7:39:34 PM Hugh White State Park by housekeeping
EXCITING CHANGES AT HUGH WHITE - Since last year there has been alot going on at Hugh White. We have re-opened parts of the campground that were previously closed. We are putting big, flat screen TVs with satellite programming in every cabin. We have arcade games in the game room at the lodge. Next, the cabins are getting a makeover! Come take a new look at an old favorite. Visit Hugh White State Park!
12/25/2017 4:12:03 PM Shepard State Park
Will not go back for camping - Upon arriving, we discovered this park has half of the sites, and most larger sites, filled with long-term guests that appear to have been there for a while. Long enough to accumulate junk strewn about, including an old fiberglass shower stall. Online at Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks we found a list of park rules for Mississippi State Parks. After all rules are listed, page 21, number 23 states a?oNote: All rules and regulations set forth above do not apply to Shepard State Park which is being operated and maintained by the City of Gautier for the State of Mississippi.a?? Wea?Tve been to a couple of Mississippi State Park Campgrounds in the past and were very pleased with them. We expected the same standards to be met at this park as we believed before arriving that it was a state park. On the website, www.shepardstatepark.com, we do not see stated anywhere that it is not. It would be helpful to travelers if their website would inform potential campers that their rules are not the same as state run Parks, so that they would know what atmosphere to expect. It is very misleading that it appears to be a State Park, when it is not. Also, we were woken up at 4:00am Saturday morning to the sound of a truck engine revving repeatedly as if it was trying to pull something and the next morning at 1:00am by the sounds of loud arguing and profanity. On the plus side, the trails are nice, and the bathroom/showers were well lighted outside and inside and had hot water and a separate changing area with a bench and hooks. The areas for disc golf and archery also appear to be great amenities for those that enjoy those sports. I guess we learned that we should always check ahead to see if where wea?Tre booking is a trailer park or a campground.
11/21/2017 6:53:57 AM DeSoto National Forest
beware - Just finished an overnight backpack hiking trip....returned to my car and had back window bashed out....multiple campers in the campground at fairly bridge landing heard and saw nothing....yeah right....the trails are not worth hiking considering the cost of replacing your windows...best to find other trails...
11/5/2017 8:06:57 PM Tishomingo State Park by Tanda
My Tishomingo Park Visit. - My husband & I visited the park last week as we were in the area. Park is beautiful as far as the nature, but needs some upkeep. The bathroom we were directed to was in very bad shape, the boat docks were falling down & unuseable. The nature trail really needs work as several of the foot bridges across some ditches have fallen in & rotten. We managed to climb up & down the ditch banks of a few of them as we saw where others had crossed. But we got to one that was really too dangerous for us to cross so we had to turn around & go back. I would think they would have someone checking the nature trail all the time for problems like these but we could tell from looking these foot bridges had been fallen in for awhile not just a week or two. We had been told it was the most beautiful state park in MS but we were not impressed with dis repair & neglected look. Not a place we care to visit again.
11/1/2017 3:15:23 PM Wall Doxey State Park by Jen
Peaceful Escape - Perfect place for a peaceful getaway. If you love nature and quite time, you will love it here. I have been going here since I was a kid and it is special to me. Lots of trees and character.
3/13/2017 5:35:40 AM Wall Doxey State Park by Skip from Cordova
Terrible facility!!!! Wall Doxey!!!! - Typically when I drive through a park and see a lot of equipment (trucks and vehicles) I also expect to see an immaculate facility!! Not the case at Wall Doxey!!! This place is terrible!! I went through the bath houses and several of the commodes are inoperable with water continuously running, but will not flush!! The front bath facility smells of rot, mold and mildew!! Driving through the camp ground I noticed one car with flat tires... all 4 flat tires!!! You can tell it has been there for quite some time!! There is another site in the first loop that has a chevy nova and and engine stand next to a tent!!! He is changing out the engine to his nova right there in the camp grounds!!! Then there was another with 2 tents and milk crates stacked up... I believe they were cooking meth!!! Poorly managed site!!! Makes you wonder where the funds have gone for this facility because they obviously are not being put into maintaining the facility!! This place needs a total clean up!!! No wonder when I look at Wall Doxey on reserve america, there are always a lot of available spots!! Nobody wants to camp at this facility because it is terrible!!
7/19/2016 1:55:21 PM Cossar State Park by DAVID STAPLES
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