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Mingo National Wildlife Refuge Bluff Trail Ferns © Inga Eubanks
The trail along the bluff behind the Visitor Center provides some of the most beautiful views at Mingo.
Big Spring Spring Mist © Firefly Creek
The humidity and warmth create a misty fog eminating off the Spring that travels the distance of the tributary to the Current River during the Summer months.
Graham Cave State Park Cave © Darren Good
This is Graham Cave
Alley Spring and Mill Alley Spring and Mill in the Fall © John Braddy
Photo was taken on Nov 7th, 2017, just past peak Fall color season
Ha Ha Tonka State Park © Lanna Golliglee
Castle at Ha Ha Tonka State Park
Montauk State Park © John Dorsey
This is a section of the stream that flows behind the old mill.
Big Spring Big Springs with Caves © Ken Robinson
Taken July 17th, 2007
Alley Spring and Mill Alley Spring Mill © Greg Matchick
Old red mill at Alley Spring State Park which once harnassed the power of the spring.
Washington State Park Road Boat Launch Area © Jerald Schutjer
Big River boat launch.
Missouri Mines State Historic Site Missouri Mines State Historic Site © Jerald Schutjer
Premier mine in the lead belt for over 100 years. The mill was retired in 1972 as much of the ore had been mined.
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Missouri Parks Visitor Reviews
1/5/2023 7:01:55 PM Wallace State Park by Steven_L_D
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Making A Reservation - Impossible to make a reservation, either by phone or 0nline.
5/16/2022 2:37:01 AM Big Lake State Park by linda_w
review rating - 1 to 5 stars -
2/23/2022 7:06:04 PM Ha Ha Tonka State Park by Somdatta_D_M
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Ha Ha Tonka State Park - So relaxing and beautiful state park The view from the top is awesome.
10/11/2021 9:59:56 PM Alley Spring and Mill by Donna_W
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Handicap parking - We recently visited the park and had a wonderful time. It is breathtaking We are returning in a couple of weeks with friends who are unable to walk the distance from the main parking lot to the spring. Is there parking on the second, more northern, road into the park and is there a sidewalk from there to the spring
4/5/2021 1:41:18 AM Alley Spring and Mill by Joseph_L_S
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Great park - Alley spring is a great historic site. Ive been here numerous times. My wife and I visited the mill on 4/3/21. The bridge going from the handicapped parking lot, to the mill needs a board replaced. Its the board nearest the parking lot. Its decayed. My wife stubbed her toe on the rotted board, and fell. We just want to make sure that other guests dont make the same mistake. Thanks again for maintaining our state treasures
8/25/2019 10:23:49 AM Crowder State Park by Karl from Carrollton Missouri
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Crowder Beach is open - My wife and I swam at the beach. The entry is free from rocks and has a sloped sandy bottom. Water was both warm and cool in places. One remembers a broader beach when we was younger. We saw kayakers on the lake. No life guards. No swim buoys, no perimeter marked. We enjoyed being in the water. Thanks.
6/17/2019 3:07:51 PM Lake of the Ozarks State Park by Eldon Everhart
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Coakley Hollow Fen not well maintained - The young man on duty did not know where the trail to the trail to Coakley Hollow Fen started. I asked him for a booklet about the self-guided interpretive trail. He eventually found one. It was well done but the numbers in the booklet for the points of interest were not on the placards posted at each stop. Useless The boards of the boardwalks were rotting and not maintained. Dangerous The fen itself was very small and unremarkable. Disapointing Ticks were abundent. So, be aware of tick-borne disease symptoms. Risk-reward questionable
4/26/2018 2:30:43 PM Reifsnider State Forest by kpfishman
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Nice range and clay pit fishing - Nice shooting range up to 100 yards. Bring a canoe or kayak and you can even catch some bass in the clay pit.
5/2/2017 2:22:06 PM Ha Ha Tonka State Park by Ragged Mouse
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Best Autum Park to see - I love this park in the Autumn my son took his other dad and I here when he was 15 years old and started working there when in high school. When in college he work there and now is the naturalist here. Still the greatest autumn park ever.
2/16/2017 1:44:51 PM Sam A Baker State Park by Mary Bernsen
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Take Better Care of Existing Parks - Older State parks, like Sam A Baker and Meremac are being woefully neglected so the State can spend a fortune on a new park - Echo Bluff, which is even further from the St. Louis area.
2/10/2017 9:13:28 PM Montauk State Park by Helios Studio
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Best trout stream in Missoura - I went from a beginner fly person to a successful fly fisher in the natural fly area.Spin casting is a sport fly fishing is a art....
10/14/2016 6:21:07 PM Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge by Littlehawk
review rating - 1 to 5 stars Bird Watching - What are the rough best dates for bird watching in autumn?
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